Kali mirch gosht recipe

I had been making Kali Mirch Gosht formula consistently on Eid. Be that as it may, it was constantly dry, chewy and not as tasty as I would need it. At that point, when I had flavorful Kali Mirch Gosht at my auntie’s place. We both had same formula yet the thing that matters was the cut of meat we utilized.


I constantly utilized boneless meat from sheep leg. While, she utilized shoulder cleaves. The truth of the matter is boneless meat is extreme with thick grains. While, meat near bone is high in fat and has delicate tissues.

This time, I attempted kali mirch gosht with shoulder cleave and trust me, it was dissolving in the mouth, so yummy, my hubby who is wild about Kali Mirch boti simply adored it.


Use Meat on bones

I propose, shoulder slash works best for pepper sheep however on the off chance that you utilize some other cut ensure it is meat on bone and is high in fat.

Slow cooking

Slow cooking is the stunt that works wonder. Cooking time would fluctuate yet mine was done quickly.

Simply Pepper is adequate


Try not to entice to include onion, all zest or red or green bean stew along it. Simply trust me and pursue the formula you can include as a lot of pepper you like to build the warmth in dish however different flavors with tangle with pepper.

This won’t have sauce, this is to be delighted in insatiably as a side dish for meat sweethearts.

Kali Mirch Gosht Recipe

Planning Time

10 mins

Cook Time

35 mins

Simple to know and scrumptious peppered meat.

Course: Main Course

Food: Indian, Pakistani, World

Watchword: Kali mirch gosht Recipe

Servings: 4 serving

Calories: 546 kcal



1 kg sheep shoulder hack , see notes

1 tablespoon ginger garlic glue

2 tablespoon yogurt

2 tablespoon spread , discretionary

¾ – 1 tablespoon newly grounded dark pepper , more for embellish

2 tablespoon oil

3/4 cup water or as required

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Not many Fresh corriander leaves

Lemon wedges


maxresdefault (1)

Put all fixings in a pot and mix well. Cook for 30-45 minutes on medium low warmth until exceptionally delicate and delicate.

Cook on high fire for 3-4 minutes with consistent blending until oil isolates. (Try not to dry out all water, a little watery sauce should keep meat sodden.)

Trimming with dark pepper, new coriander leaves. Present with lemon wedges.

Formula Notes

Shoulder hack works best for pepper sheep yet on the off chance that you utilize some other cut ensure it is meat on bone and is high in fat like ribs.



sheep shoulder hacks formula

Put all fixings with the exception of embellishment in a pot. Blend well and carry meat to bubble. Presently spread the pot firmly and cook for 30-40 minutes on medium low warmth.

kali mirch gosht formula

Meat is cook and practically falling off the bones. Cook of high for 2-3 minutes without drying all sauce.

Serve! I combined Kali Mirch gosht with seared potatoes.

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