Kachumbar Salad likewise called cucumber plate of mixed greens

Kachumbar Salad likewise called cucumber plate of mixed greens, is filled in as a side line with biryani and pulao alongside raita. The crunchy, succulent plate of mixed greens is a piece of South Asian Cuisine, that sets effectively with an assortment of dishes.

This formula is utilizing lemon based dressing yet rather than lemon, 1/2 cup yogurt and 1 tsp sugar expansion likewise tastes delectable. The chilled yogurt kachumbar(Kachumbar raita) plate of mixed greens is an invigorating summer plate of mixed greens presented with blended dal and chawal.

The most effective method to MAKE KACHUMBAR SALAD

Creator: Mariam Sodawater

Formula time:7 min|Serving: 4-6 Recipe type:salad formula, vegetarian,vegan ,sound, low-cal, low-fat recipe|Cuisine: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh


2 finely cut medium estimated onions

1 hacked medium estimated cucumber

1 hacked medium estimated tomato

1 hacked green stew

1tbs lemon juice

1 tbs hacked corriander

salt and pepper to taste


In a huge bowl blend all fixings with the exception of salt and pepper.

Include salt and pepper just before serving, so the plate of mixed greens remains new and crunchy.


Blend all vegetables and lemon juice.

Include salt and pepper directly before filling in as salt will make the vegetable discharge all the water.


You can likewise serve radish, beetroot, carrot or turnip cuts alongside this plate of mixed greens.

You can change porportion of vegetables to your decision.

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