Dates and nuts roll recipe

This dates move formula was first common by my auntie. These are normally served at Eid up Fitr social events. They are likewise called dates and nut roll or dates salami , khajoor ki barfi or khajoor ki mithai. This sweet has no sugar and is normally improved with dates. It is additionally gluten free, veggie lover, sound and nutritious.

You can likewise take these as a pre exercise nibble in the first part of the day for moment vitality. These likewise settle on an incredible decision at Iftar.


Why I serve these to my visitor on Eid?

For the most part on Eid individuals are visiting such a large number of family members entire day long. Everyone serves beverages, treats or bites and you feel too full to even consider eating anything by any means. Once in a while, my visitor would simply ask us amiably to serve nothing and simply invest some great energy talking. These little sweet are constantly invited and appear reduced down adequate treats that can be served bother free.

Another explanation is mystery one yet I’m offering to you. I love setting my visitor plate with arranged desserts. On account of my sweet tooth, I frequently wind up disregarding snacks

out and out.

Dates and nuts roll

So on we make Eid some date moves, some Kharak, some kind of truffles (like Kharak balls or brownie ball, or Oreo ball) some dry organic products, chocolates and this plate makes an inviting too noteworthy signal for visitor.


You can likewise fold them into ball rather than a bar.

You can include any nuts of your decision simply make sure to keep the proportion of dates and nuts 2:1. That is two piece of hollowed and slashed dates for 1 piece of blended nuts or you can absorb dates for a couple of second water to get mollified. Be that as it may, do it just if your date are chewy and hard.

In the event that your dates are too dry you may include some additional ghee or spread during cooking of dates to relax.

On the off chance that your dates are excessively wet and delicate. You may include 1-2 tablespoon spoons of squashed wheat scones to make it denser and simple to roll.

Utilize best quality dates.

Different choices for add on are wheat scones, chocolate, cocoa powder, cooked poppy seeds, simmered oats and pine nuts and so forth.

The most effective method to MAKE DATES ROLL RECIPE

Dates Roll Recipe

Planning Time

15 mins

Cook Time

7 mins


Complete Time

22 mins

This date roll is so delicious and nutritious. They make an extraordinary pre exercise nibble too inviting sweet for visitors.

Course: vitality nibble, sweet

Cooking: Indian, Pakistani, World

Catchphrase: date move formula

Servings: 30 cuts

Calories: 34 kcal



¼ cup almond cleaved

¼ cup cashew cleaved

2 tablespoon pistachio cleaved

2 tablespoon pecans cleaved


Dates and Nuts Roll_finalforweb2

2 tablespoon sesame seeds

2 cup set dates around 30, generally cleaved

½ tablespoon margarine or ghee

¼ cup raisins

½ teaspoon cardamom powder


צילום: בני גם זו לטובה

Take all the cleaved nut in a skillet and dry dish for 30 second on medium warmth until softly toasted. Include sesame seeds and meal for an additional couple of moments. Expel nuts to a plate and put in a safe spot.

In same dish include spread and hacked dates. Cook on low warmth for 2 minutes until delicate continue blending in with spatula. Include raisin, broiled nuts and cardamom powder to dates and cook further for a minutes. Expel from heat.

Give the blend a chance to cool enough to deal with. At that point blend further in with hands (if necessary).

Evacuate dates blend on stick wrap and fold it into a log. Keep sign in refrigerator and cut cuts of date as required. Serve cold.

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